When looking to fill leadership positions, employers will likely look to past experience in a high-profile role to determine if the candidate is up for the job. With Natalie Barone, the list of duties and responsibilities runs long. That’s because as a psychologist, Natalie Barone worked her way up to oversight roles with the State of New Jersey. Her professional development courses completed as recently as October 2017 have similarly allowed her to sharpen skill sets and expand her knowledge when it comes to aiding those in the military who may seek mental health help in the future.

As the supervisor of an assessment team with the Ann Klein Forensic Center within New Jersey’s human services department, there was no shortage of daily duties for Natalie Barone. From 2005 through 2007, psychologist Natalie Barone oversaw a team of doctoral-level psychologists who are specially trained court-ordered assessments of those who’ve been convicted of sexual offenses. Barone herself conducted evaluations, gauged their risk level as it pertained to recidivism, used risk-assessment instruments, conducted clinical interviews and oversaw psychological tests. Her expert skills allowed her to offer expert testimony in more than 100 state superior court cases as it pertains to risk of recidivism.

Her shining performance in this role would eventually lead to her promotion to director of psychology of the Ann Klein Forensic Center’s special treatment unit. From 2007 through 2009, Natalie Barone would assist in managing and directing the daily operations of New Jersey’s civil commitment program. This was accomplished through the supervision of 100 clinicians and support staff who were tasked with providing services to 420 civilly-committed sexual offenders. As a psychologist, Natalie Barone’s knowledge was of great use to New Jersey’s attorney general office and the central office of the state human services office. Her insight was conveyed via program policy she drafted and revised so future training and workshops was up to speed on current findings.

Clearly, Barone’s wealth of experience and industry knowledge allowed her to prosper in every role held during her career. To compliment her career path and titles, the various professional development courses she participated in or was invited to are just one more reason why Natalie Barone would make a valuable addition to any mental health team.